The Power of Dividends

Source: Morningstar and Hartford Funds, 12/22

Dividend reinvestments are similar to receiving a company match in your 401(k). You are acquiring more shares and more value without having to make additional contributions, as future purchases are made using the company’s money.

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Source: RBC Capital Markets Quantitative Research, RBC GAM. Performance from October 1986 -December 2022. Equal weighted equity only total return indexes.

History shows that companies that pay dividends and consistently grow their dividends have outperformed non-dividend payers over time. We have a preference for consistent dividend growers because they have a focus on positive cash flow, business growth, and a commitment to sustainable shareholder return.

Let’s look at a specific example to illustrate the power of compounding dividends. The chart below reflects the results of a $10,000 investment in Pepsi shares in 1985. The single $10,000 investment would be worth close to $2 million today if you reinvested all the dividends without any additional purchase. Fifty five percent of this return came from dividends! In 2023, the annual dividend payment for this $10,000 investment is approximately $45,000. That’s powerful.



We believe dividends and the power of compounding are foundational principles of successful investing. We hope that after reading this, you have a better understanding of why dividends play a critical role in your portfolio.

Andrew Cialek, CFP®

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